Think you can't save money while eating healthy? Think again! You may even be able to SAVE money with these 7 tips!

We’ve been told from a very young age the importance of eating healthy, eating your veggies and staying away from sweets.

One of the biggest myths about eating healthy is that it’s too expensive.

This is totally untrue! I’ve actually reduced my grocery bill by 30 dollars/ week be switching to a plant based diet using these tips. Your wallet and your body will thank you


1.  Buy cheap staple goods

If you are on a strict budget then you might not have a lot of money for food or maybe you have a family and you need to make your food stretch. If this is the case you definitely want to buy staple products such as beans, rice potatoes etc. These items are not only cheap but they have a longer shelf life which makes them easier to store and buy in bulk. One of my favorite cheap & easy recipes are 3 ingredient black bean burgers (beans, instant oatmeal & a sauce of your choice) It takes minutes to prepare and I can make about 8 burgers with this recipe that cost less than 50 cents a piece!


2. Get hip to Dollar Tree

I use to think the Dollar Tree was only filled with off brand snacks, candy, and random useless little trinkets but the dollar tree can actually be a gold mine when it comes to saving money on food. Rice in my local grocery store costs about 2.80 per pound but I was able to get the same bag of brown rice at the dollar tree for one dollar! I also rack up on many spices, sauces, and cooking utensils there too.

but what could be better than getting food for a dollar or less?

Getting it shipped to your door or picking it up from you local store FOR FREE


3. Get a slow cooker!

This one kitchen item is literally a game changer. You can throw a bunch of ingredients into a bowl  then go to work or take care of some household errands, come back hours later and have a full meal prepared! If you get a big enough slow cooker then you can even meal prep for an entire week or feed a family with little time and money. I personally use this one it’s super cheap and works great!


4. Eat frozen food

Depending on where you live, produce prices can fluctuate and items go in a out of season at different times. If the vegetable or fruit you want is out of season at the thing you can buy pre-made bags of frozen fruits and veggies. Sometimes they can even cost less than a dollar if you catch a sale. If you are in a place where you do have access to a variety of fruits and veggies then you can buy them in bulk and freeze them yourself. Frozen produce usually has the same nutritional value as fresh produce but it can cut the cost and drastically increase the produce’s shelf life. Plus, it’s perfect for year round smoothies!


5. Learn how to fleek  a salad!

Yes! Get your salad game together. Salads are one of the most versatile foods ever. You have have all types of salads, pasta salads, fruit salads, veggies salads… anything! And the best part about them is that they don’t have to be cooked and you can literally just throw the ingredients together. I love making large veggie salads with everything in them. I use 3 different types of lettuce, almonds, peppers, tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and so much more.

& here’s a real secret to making bomb salads…

Throw some seasoning on it!

Yep I usually add some, thyme, basil or oregano to my salad bowls and it just gives it a certain kick to set it off. The ingredients to make salads are cheap, easy and super healthy. If you can’t purchase organic vegetables use the activated charcoal trick to take the extra chemicals out of you fruits and veggies before you eat them.


6. Make recipes with similar ingredients

Repurpose your ingredients! If oranges are in season, find ways to incorporate them into your meals. Add them in your smoothie, salad or desert. Not only will this allow you save money you will be able to add a lot of flavor to your meals that you may not have considered trying before. You can use sites like Supercook to figure out recipes from ingredients that you already have at home.


7. Shop the produce sale rack

Buying anything is always better when it’s on sale! Many groceries stores have a sale section for produce that is overly ripe or about to go bad soon. You can buy produce for a third or half the price and them and freeze them. I’ve found bags of produce for a dollar on the rack and saved huge amounts of money.


What tips have you tried to save money while eating a healthier diet? Do you have any go to recipes? Please share in the comments!