Moving is already super stressful. Use these tips to make your move cheaper and easier.
Moving kinda sucks.. and it can be super expensive, but fear not! These 4 tips can save you a ton of time and money during this trying time. Check it out now, or repin for later!

I wanted to share with you all some lifehacks that are making my move much easier. If you’re moving to start a new job, going away to college or just for a change of scenery these tips will help you make the most of your move.

Find Free Boxes!

Take advantage of free boxes by visiting your local grocery stores, Walmart, Target etc. Even liquor stores are known for having a lot of extra boxes they don’t need. You can make it a two for one stop. Booze and boxes for the win. Also, those huge plastic tubs that we all seem to have for one reason or another are really helpful for moving and storage.

Pack Light.

This is for my fellow hoarders who love to keep everyyyyythingg for those “just in case” “what if I need it” moments.

In the words of mama badu “pack light” literally.

Get rid of all those bottles of half used hair products, old t-shirts you never use and that pile of shoes that you’re keeping in the back of your closet. As a rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in the past year…. you probably don’t need it.

You can do one of three things with your stuff. Toss it. Donate it or Sell it.

Some stuff you just need to throw away. If that’s the case try to recycle where possible and toss your stuff in the closest dumpster.

You can give your stuff to your favorite charity or family members. I just gave my cousins who are going to school a ton of school supplies and clothes. I personally don’t like donating to goodwill because I like to support local organizations. I plan on taking a trunk load of clothes to my local charity this week to make an impact on the community where I live.

My personal favorite is to sell it! I made a couple hundred buck$ selling old junk around my house when I was moving. It not only gave me a few extra bucks to help with moving costs (moving is expensive), but it gave me extra space. The less stuff you have to move the less stuff you have to pack and can even save you on hiring movers or getting a truck. My favorite places to sell stuff are OfferUp, Poshmark, Ebay and craigslist. Offerup and Craigslist are great because they allow you to sell stuff without any commission or shipping fees. Poshmark and Ebay take a small commission depending on what you’re selling but you can often sell your item for a higher price and you don’t have to worry about meeting up with strangers. Just try to find what method works for you and makes the most money.

Consider storage and transportation

Moving vans can be expensive. This is why you should try and get rid of as much crap as possible before the big day. Shop around for moving trucks and don’t forget to factor in things like the mileage. A lot of local moving trucks charge for the truck and a small amount per mile. These costs can add up once you factor in the gas, insurance, taxes and extras. Make sure you know how far you’ll be driving and how many trips etc. to get a good idea of how much the real costs of the truck would be. For longer moves, there tend to be no mileage charges but gas expenses can get really high and don’t forget the fact that you actually would have to drive the truck, which can be tough if you’re moving 7+ hours away.
Another option for moving is hiring movers to move your things. If you have a lot of furniture and heavy items this might be a good option for you. While it costs you more money, you can save a lot of time.
PODS or other portable storage units might be best for you if you are moving longer distances or need shipping and storage in the process of moving. They usually have some type of monthly charge so consider this when selecting this option but it does eliminate the need to travel long distances with all your stuff.

Get creative: Temporary living

Depending on why you’re moving you might have some lag time. Maybe you’re starting a new job in August but your lease doesn’t start until Aug 15 or maybe you having found a place to stay yet but you need to be in the area ASAP. So many things can be uncertain when moving so staying flexible and creative help a lot. You can ask to stay with friends/family while you scope the place out or temporarily rent out an Air B&B or sublet.

********Bonus: write it off on your taxes!********

That’s right. An added benefit of moving is that you might be able to write off some of the expenses on your taxes. If you’re moving for a new job or transfer there are a few cases when you can write off your moving expenses including the truck, mileage, and even storage depending on the situation. Be sure to consult your accountant or tax preparer to see if your move qualifies. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Remember YOU GOT THIS!