The Magic School bus was one of my favorite childhood shows! Ms. Frizzle taught me more than just cool science, she was dropping gems. Check out the 6 lessons I learned today! Check it out now or repin for later!

 Get messy, take chances, make mistakes!

That was Ms. Frizzle’s mantra on the show the Magic School Bus.

For all of my true 90’s babies the Magic School Bus was a staple in our childhood! I know I would look forward to going on field trips with Ms. Frizzle and her class each week. This week I’ve been binge watching Magic School Bus and reliving my childhood a bit. Besides this show just being awesome, Ms. Frizzle was one of the coolest teachers I ever knew. From her amazing wardrobe to her dope mindset she just had a different way of thinking. I think any of us would have loved to have a teacher like her. She challenged her students to figure things out and venture into the unknown.

Here are 6 life lessons Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus taught me

Question everything– Ms. Frizzle always encourages the students to make connections and not to just accept things as they are. Dig deeper and get to the root cause of the matter. If you’re not happy with something in your life or find yourself settling into a daily routine question yourself and find out how you’re adding value with those tasks. Everything you do should have a purpose even if it’s just to make you happier. Don’t just continue doing things that don’t stimulate you because it’s socially acceptable, or that’s the way it’s always been done. Do some evaluation and see what value you’re getting out of the activity.

Do it afraid—No matter how many times Arnold whined about how he should have stayed home from school, he always use to go on these adventures and learn new things. Most of the time he ended up having fun in the end as well. Often times we let fear paralyze us into not taking action. More often than not action leads us to places we would have never imagined. Some of the best lessons I’ve learned in life have come from me trying and failing. Experience is one of the best teachers and the way to conquer fear is to just move through it. You’ll thank yourself later.

Trust the process – Ms. Frizzle’s students really trusted her. No matter how wild her field trips may have seemed in the beginning the outcome was always them learning something new and gaining a better understanding of the world around them. Sometimes they ended up lost in space or eaten by a whale but it didn’t matter because the journey taught them so many valuable lessons.

Figure it out as you go along – This is a huge one for me. Often times I find myself studying, taking courses, reading articles about a concept for days, and waiting to have enough knowledge to jump start my new idea. Other times I create something and then edit it a million times waiting for it to be just perfect before I launch it in the world. Ms. Frizzle was the opposite. She went with the flow and did trial and error as she went along. Sometimes this is the best way to start something new. You’ll learn more about yourself and the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’ not ‘studying for hours makes perfect.’ Just try that new thing you’ve been waiting to do and you might surprise yourself with the results.

Get the facts – One of my favorite parts of the magic school bus episodes was at the end when they cleared up the fiction from facts with the viewers calling in to clarify what happened in the episode. I love that the writers of the show didn’t want to give kids a false sense of reality with all the magic flying, swimming, leaping bus tricks or how they sometimes use to speed up the natural processes for the sake of a lesson. It’s important to get facts from reliable sources no matter what you find yourself trying to learn.

Anything is possible– Each new episode of the Magic school bus is so great because they don’t follow any set script. Literally anything was possible on the show. This is the same for us in our lives as well. We might not be able to take cool field trips on magical busses like her class did, but there is no limit to who or what we can become if we’re willing to work for it.

Clearly, I was really inspired by going back and watching these old magic school bus episodes, but it really did spark something in me. As we grow up we tend to lose that childlike belief that we are capable and able. Sometimes we need to revisit what it felt like to be a kid with so much optimism and hope.

What’s your next adult adventure? Starting a business? Taking a solo trip? Buying a house? Reply and let me know!