I’m not going to lie these past few weeks have been crazy and it’s been really hard to cope. My AC isn’t working in this suffocating heat, the left side of my phone doesn’t function and I am literally drowning in work, but I’m going to be alright. I always am.

I know that we can all relate to feeling like your life is literally falling apart. It seems like every time we get a handle on something there’s something else coming up to knock us off track. Here’s the thing about life, every hardship you’ve had in your life, you’ve made it through because you’re still here. That says a lot.

Nothing has happened to you in your life so tragic or terrible that you weren’t able to make it through yet, because You. Are. Still. Here. That’s powerful.

A few things to remember the next time you’re having a breakdown:

It’s ok to have a moment but don’t forget to BREATHE

I tend to panic when things happen. In the past, I use to let stuff get to me and allow my panic go on for hours or days sometimes, but I’ve learned that while it’s ok to have freaking out moments. You have to let it pass and breathe. I count to 10 or try to just focus on my breath for a while to calm my nerves.

Think about what needs to be going forward

So something bad happened, but what next? You have to focus on what you’re going to do in response to the thing that you’re going through. Evaluate your options and see what the best one would be. Try your best not to react to the situation. Reacting usually means being impulsive and not taking all options into consideration. Do your best to respond instead.

Use your ‘figure-it-out-ness’

The biggest skill I learned from traveling solo abroad so much is how to use my figure-it-out-ness to cope with stress. It’s such a great life skill to have. I consider figure-it-out-ness to be your instincts when life hits you hard. It’s that force you feel inside that starts thinking about your next move in the midst of crisis. I admit that I didn’t really nurture this skill until I was half way across the world completely on my own and it has really made me such a stronger person. Realize that you got this. Trust yourself and plan your next move. Life happens but you don’t have to let it get the best of you.

Learn from all your mistakes

Congrats you made it through your “end of the world”. You found your keys, you didn’t fail that class, and you found another job after being fired. What did you learn? I like to think of those ‘stuff happens’ moments as a test. If you keep failing the same test, you’ll just be forced to retake it until you pass. Make sure you learn as you go through rough times. There’s always a lesson in there. Take note of it and keep moving forward.

[Pro Tip]
Read the book ‘Who moved my cheese?’ by Spencer Johnson it totally changed my mindset about how to deal with bad situations.