Netflix and Chill?

If you didn’t know, I’m a documentary junkie! I love to learn new things and sometimes you don’t always have time to read a book. Maybe you need something to watch while you prep your twist out for the week or while your drinking your favorite glass of wine. Either way here are some great programs on Netflix that you can watch you gain perspective on different topics.

A fun thing I like to do is have a discussion with people after you’ve watched them to gain more perspective. Whether you’re with bae, chillin with your friends, or just vibin solo its always fun to change it up and watch something both entertaining and education. Exercise your mind!

Here are 5 documentaries that I love

1.The Mask You Live In

This film examines the struggle that many boys and young men face trying to stay true to themselves while negotiating America’s narrow definition of masculinity. I loved this documentary because it gives a perspective that a lot of men don’t feel comfortable discussing for the very reasons that are outlined in this documentary. After this film I gained more perspective about what it means to be a male in the US and how that impacts many men and boys I interact with.

2. Sugar Coated

If you love cookies, cakes, pies, salad dressing, seasoning, or if you eat food in America you should watch this documentary. It addresses our unhealthy addiction to sugar and how we as a nation ended up here with the help of corrupt corporations.

3. MissRepresented

I loved this documentary because it addressed how women and girls continue to be overly sexualized in the media and how it has gotten increasingly worse for our generation. Girls younger and younger are starting to feel the pressures to have the perfect body and fit society’s definition of beauty.

4. Happy

This is one of my favorite documentaries because it attempts to answer the question what makes us happy. We’ve all heard the phrase money doesn’t buy you happiness. This documentary actually states that up to a certain point money can “buy you happiness” but it plateaus very quickly as long as your basic human needs are met.

5. Hot Girls Wanted

This documentary opened my mind to a whole other perspective I never considered. It addresses how young girls are exploited in the porn industry, how they are recruited and how they are treated. These aren’t random girls, these are girls who are in college, went to high school with you and literally the girl next door.




Have you seen any of these? What did you think?! Leave a comment and let me know