Improve your writing with these tools when spell check just isn't enough

Whether you’re writing a term paper, college admissions essay or a blog post 🙂 spelling and grammar are super important. Misspelled words can distract readers, take points off your grade or even cost you entry into your dream school.

If you’re anything like me then you can EASILY miss even simple spelling and grammar mistakes. Being the spell check generation, some of us never really had to learn how to spell because those red squiggly lines were always there to save the day!

Here are a few tips/tools you can use to become a better writer.

Grammarly – This is a great app that seamlessly integrates into your chrome browser. It’s like having spell check for the whole internet! Not only does it correct your spelling mistakes it tells you when to place commas, when to capitalize letters and even helps when you use the incorrect word. Plus the best part is that IT’S FREE. Yes! A free spell checker for the whole internet. No more bad grammar in emails, Facebook posts or comments! (because how awkward is it when you misspell a word in the middle of comment and now the whole message is wrong?!) Just install the app and never deal with awkward spelling mistakes again.

Editorr– This site is perfect for when you have a term paper or essay due that you where you just can’t afford to have grammar and spelling errors. For as little as $5 you can get your entire essay proofread by professional editors waiting to make your writing sound good. You can even try it out for free! Here’s to error-free essays, articles and proposals.

Text to Speech – Sometimes there are just those grammar errors that don’t get caught while proofreading. A great way to do a quick check of your work is to use the text to speech function in Microsoft Word. A lot of times just hearing your words out loud can make it much easier to point out the misuse of words and sentences that don’t flow well.

Writing is an art and you have to take your time with it. These tools can be a huge help if you don’t exactly have a way with words. I have STRUGGLED with spelling and grammar all my life and these resources have helped me tremendously! I still make mistakes from time to time but it doesn’t compare to how bad it could be if I didn’t have these resources!

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Are you good with writing? How do you edit your words? Leave a comment below!