Yes. I have been lost in the desert. Here are some of the lessons learned while I was lost in the Sahara.

Have you ever been lost in the Sahara desert?

Well, I have lol

It was a pretty intense situation actually. I was literally in the middle of nowhere, no phone service, no water, in extreme heat walking around trying to find my way back to the base site.

Although everything didn’t go exactly accordingly to plan I still had an amazing time in the desert!

Not only did I get lost, it rained (yes in the desert), and I was sick too. However, none of these things outweighed the beauty of camel trekking through the Sahara to our remote campsite.



adlt 101 camel
(me being awkward af on a camel. just look at my socks! a mess lol)

You have never truly seen the stars if you haven’t had a chance to venture off into the deep remote areas of the world. I could literally see the Milky Way out there. It was breath-taking.

In life, you usually have to give up something to get what you want. Whether it be time, money, or your comfort, getting what you truly want will cost you.

I traded being in control of my surroundings for a vulnerable situation in order to have this once in a lifetime experience. I was in a foreign country, didn’t know the language or where exactly in the world I was but during that time I had never felt more alive.

Once I became comfortable with being present in the moment and embracing my journey nothing that came my way was able to take my joy.

My trip to Morocco in general has been one of the most eventful trips I’ve taken to date. From getting food poisoning, dancing in the moonlight, to losing my debit card all while traveling alone it was one for the books for sure.

One of the reasons that I love traveling is that you get to learn so many things about yourself and how to navigate life. Travel has taught me that I am more than capable and exemplifies how the universe has already written your story.

Traveling in a foreign environment mimics life.

In many ways I feel like becoming an adult is like getting thrown in the middle of the desert. After we graduate there are no more maps and GPS signals to tell us where to go. We’re just supposed to figure it out as we go

‘Adulting’ is much more than figuring out how to spend your money and learning to invest in your 401k. It’s about embarking on a life long journey with yourself and all the joys and pains along the way.

What has been the hardest part about adulting for you? What new adventures are you looking to embrace in 2017?

Leave a comment and let me know!


P.S. Don’t tell my parents about this story… they would freak out lol

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