One of the most adulting-est adult things to do is vote. Be mature about it and stay informed!

Voting is one the most adult things you can do.

I remember in the not so distant past when politics were the least of my worries, but as an “adult” the issues seem to hit home a bit more.

I pay taxes, I pay for my healthcare, and I am very aware of my rights I have by living in the US.

Things just seem a bit more real when the impact of the law hits home for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard many people telling you to go out and vote, but it’s equally important to be an informed voter.

We all know the candidates for the next president, but your local candidates can be even more important.

Adults make informed voting decisions.

With things like the internet. Casting an informed ballot is as easy as visiting a website. You look at Yelp reviews before you decide which restaurant to eat lunch, so the least you could do is make sure the candidates you are voting for align to you beliefs and values.

  1. You can take this quiz to see which candidate aligns the best with you.
  2. You can also log into Facebook to see your local ballot. It will display your local candidates based on your location and all the issues you would be voting for on the ballot.
  3.  Pay attention to your local news. You can actually use your time on the internet and social media to be an informed member of society and form your own opinion

I know many people feel overwhelmed and drained by the election but it’s our right and responsibility to go out and vote.

There are so many people who don’t have this opportunity and have fought for us to have this right. So even if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for those who couldn’t.

Have you been following your local elections too? What is your main source of finding out information about the issues in your area?