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So, what is ADLT 101? & what exactly is adulting?

Well, Adulting is this new term us millennials have created. We’re good for creating words and phrases like Fleek, Bae, Turn up etc. (No wonder people always have us misunderstood, we literally speak a different language.)

Here’s the official definition of adulting.

Adulting: acting like an adult or engaging in activities usually associated with adulthood—often responsible or boring tasks.

Millennials have made up this term because of the lack of information we feel like we’ve been provided about how to manage life as an adult. Ironically, the information generation who has literally grown up with the internet feels like they are lacking the resources they need to succeed, go figure.

Why does ADLT 101 exist?

ADLT 101 is designed to be the ‘course’ that students wish they had in school.

When I first entered the adult world, I felt the same way that so many of my fellow gen y-ers feel about adulthood, confused, unprepared, lost and looking for answers. Thus ADLT 101 was born!

ADLT 101 is a collection of lessons designed to help prepare young adults transition into life after school. The program is named after a play on college course ticker symbols (i.e. Bio 101, Eng 101) thus Adulting/ADLT 101. The mission of ADLT 101 is to give young people the tools necessary to navigate life after they graduate. ADLT 101 aims to teach valuable life skills that are usually not explicitly taught in the classroom. Some of the topics covered include finance, career, health, and personal development.

“ADLT 101 was created to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and practical skills.”


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