How can ADLT 101 help your students?

Many industries are being faced with a growing millennial workforce. According to Deloitte, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. While millennials are often misunderstood and portrayed as lazy or entitled the benefits of having millennials in the work force can take your business to the next level. Having younger employees bring your organization more flexibility, longevity, new ideas, and innovation.


According to Deloitte millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025

Millennials may have different set of values than other generations in the workforce. We are looking for more than just a salary when selecting an employer. Keeping your millennial workforce happy can be challenging but by providing your young employees with the necessary resources to succeed you will be creating a positive and space for them to grow within your company. This is especially important because studies have shown that millennials value things like personal development within an organization even over compensation. We also value open communication, and transparency from our employers.


Appealing to these needs of the younger generation can significantly decrease millennial turnover and increate entry level employee retention rate.


ADLT 101 will provide entry level employees with the personal development skills they desperately need to be successful in their career.


“Millennials look for much more than just a paycheck from their employers. We want to work with companies who share the same values as we do.”


Why work with ADLT 101?

Working with ADLT 101 can help to provide your young workforce with the information they need to be successful within your organization and in their personal lives as well.

Most of us are really confused when entering the workforce. We’re still trying to figure ourselves out while navigating life after leaving the security of being a student and being dependent on our parents. Finding a company that “gets us” is very important.


ADLT 101 Workshops can:

Increase millennial employee retention rate

Decrease entry level turnover

Empower employees to make more informed decisions

Reduce entry level employee anxiety and increase work performance


Presetations & Workshops

Understanding your benefits package

Through this presentation participants will be able to better understand the many benefits that come with their new position. This presentation can be tailored to cover the specific benefits covered by your company. After this presentation participants will be able to: 

  • Make informed decisions surrounding selecting their benefits
  • Decode common language which may confuse young entry level staff such as (PPO, DMO, HSA, etc.)
  • Take ownership of their personal development creating the basis of a healthy work life balance

How to conquer your first few years in the workforce

This presentation will teach employees how to make the most of their first few years in the workforce. The first few years into your career can be very critical to establishing the foundation of your working habits and reputation as an employee. These can be some of the most intimidating and confusing years in one’s career. This presentation will empower participants the ability to:

  • Successfully manage business relationships
  • Identify workplace strengths
  • Cope with workplace stress
  • Navigate company culture
  • Bring their whole self to work and deal with difficult workplace situations
  • Find balance within their personal life and career
  • Discover ways to add value in the workplace and bring passion into their work

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